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Acoustics and Sensors Specialists

We offer an environment in which Acoustics Specialists can work within design teams to produce customised audio communications equipment, contributing expert input throughout the audio chain from the capture sensor to the ear of the listener. They also have the opportunity to work with external government agencies and with academic institutions to research and develop state of the art techniques to help meet customer demands. Typically Acoustic Specialists will be sponsored to become active members of professional bodies including the Institute of Acoustics and the Audio Engineering Society, and will further be sponsored to develop their skills through training.

We also work with a range of other sensors, including imaging, pressure, electric, magnetic, heat etc to understand how they can be utilised within our specialist product range to enhance system performance.

Corporate ICT Delivery

IT Server Tower

Non-stop, interesting, challenging and never dull. That's our Corporate ICT delivery in a nutshell. Whether we're providing ICT for a member of the team who needs to do nothing more complicated than send an email, or to someone who is designing and developing highly-complex systems, we provide the highest-quality service to everyone.

Our teams work across the entire service delivery spectrum, from system design and implementation to build, maintenance and end-user support via a dedicated service desk function. At HMGCC, priorities and objectives evolve fast - and we maintain an ever-changing set of systems that ensure all our people have the tools they need to meet those objectives.

Corporate Services

Business Support Administrator

Board room

Our corporate services are vital to helping HMGCC run smoothly. From IT to Finance, HR to site services, we make sure that our delivery divisions can get on with their critical work. We feed our corporate service teams' professionalism and ambition by providing wide-ranging training and development opportunities - including the chance to work towards industry-standard qualifications. 

Electronic Engineering

Graduate Electronics Engineer

Senior Electronics Engineer

Embedded Engineer

Electronic Engineering

In the Wireless Systems Team, we design leading-edge communication systems. From short range to global communications, software defined radio systems and satellite communications including high-speed telemetry, our workload is hugely varied. We pride ourselves in the delivery of high-tech, innovative solutions and we revel in the associated challenges.

Our team supports all facets of wireless system development, including system design and modelling, circuit design, antenna design, signal processing and algorithm development. We have access to the latest advances in the R.F. field and work closely with academia and industry to ensure that we maintain our leading edge. We require a range of professionals, from wireless systems engineers, to circuit designers and mathematicians.

Embedded Engineering

Join us in our embedded systems team and you'll enjoy a hugely varied workload, from projects with no operating system at all, to fully embedded Linux systems. We design communication systems based on a range of modern microcontroller architectures, from 8-bit to 32-bit devices. What's more, we can also design our own embedded processing units and build them on site - giving you the opportunity to work on the full product lifecycle.

We also use industrial embedded processing boards - to which we add our own custom peripherals and bespoke C and C++ software to produce systems quickly for our customers.

Embedded Engineering

Join our growing embedded systems team and you'll enjoy the challenge of programming on a variety of hardware platforms. These range from simple 8-bit systems up to 32-bit systems running embedded and real-time operating systems, such as Linux and Integrity.

We program industry standard processing boards, but also design and make our own custom computing platforms - typically where low power or high performance systems need to push boundaries.

Skills in embedded networking protocols and interfacing to high-performance FPGA designs are useful when programming some of our more advanced devices. We use a variety of peripherals and custom hardware in our designs, but connect to them using industry standard connections, such as SPI, I2C and Ethernet.

Skills in C and C++ programming are important in this team, as well as the ability to understand electronic schematics and write driver-level software.



Staff at machinery

Our in-house Engineering Support and Manufacturing division (ESM) works closely with our design teams to turn innovative prototypes into manufactured and reliable products. They're generally low volume production or prototype systems, which makes for a challenging, fast-paced working environment.

We have a modern, extremely well-equipped manufacturing facility. Furthermore, we're constantly developing our plant and equipment, investing between £0.5 and £0.75 million every year.

Our extensive manufacturing capabilities include:

Mechanical fabrication

We produce a wide variety of components using standard manufacturing processes including manual and CNC machining, sheet metal, injection moulding, vacuum forming, vacuum casting and surface coating.

Printed circuit board manufacture

We manufacture bare boards from simple, double-sided PCBs to complex multi-layer boards. These include PCBs that incorporate blind and buried via technology and track and gap widths down to 50µm.

Automated SMT assembly

Our automated line is capable of placing 01005 passives and fine pitch BGA devices in production volumes.


Our assembly technicians are IPC qualified and experienced at introducing fine wire assemblies through to large mains-powered racks.


Our Test Engineers ensure our products meet the exacting standards required, using manual and automated test methods. They fault find down to component level. The team also advise on and test/validate mains safety compliance.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer

Man at large machine

The mechatronic & mechanical engineering technical team creates a very wide range of products to our customers' unique - and very diverse - requirements. We provide two main functions.

Firstly, the design and development of specialist electro/mechanical products. These range from compact precision measurement devices to larger pneumatic and hydraulic systems where the design is owned from concept through to production.

Secondly, the provision of design skills and consultancy to our electronic engineers and PCB layout teams. In these projects we take the responsibility of producing the products' build-to documentation.

Our engineers co-operate closely with our in-house manufacturing facility and Production Engineers, designing solutions that are suitable for both low and higher volume manufacturing builds.

Our state-of-the-art CAD equipment is used to model the designs and create engineering drawings for manufacture. It also enables simulation of structural loads on all designs.

Signal Processing Engineers

Signal Processing is an underpinning technology area that contributes to the efforts of design teams across the HMGCC engineering spectrum. Our Digital SP Engineers have skills in diverse disciplines including Matlab, C coding languages and in underlying mathematical techniques enabling them to contribute to projects in a variety of areas including audio analysis, imaging forensics and RF propagation. We offer training to our engineers to develop their SP skills and also encourage and sponsor their membership of professional bodies where they can learn and exchange ideas with their peers.

Software Engineering

Senior Software Developer

Graduate Software Engineer

Software Test Manager

Software Engineer

Our software teams here at HMGCC deliver a huge range of products, from enterprise-class server systems, to custom desktop applications.

Our teams work in the following laboratories:

Telecoms infrastructure

This team provides secure infrastructure for fixed-line and mobile telephones and other communication devices. We work with providers at home and overseas to evaluate new products and technologies. We not only develop new products that are able to work with existing infrastructure, but also research next-generation technologies surrounding telecoms and internet convergence.

Messaging and data infrastructure

We deliver enterprise-class messaging and data processing systems that have high bandwidth and fault tolerance requirements. These products are business-critical, and as such need to be scalable and robust.

Secure desktop messaging

We create user-friendly applications that enable our clients to communicate securely. This includes the development of secure applications that are able to sit on 3rd party, commercially available operating systems, such as Windows 7.

Platform security

The group is staffed by World class security engineers and tasked with ensuring that the government systems we develop stay safe from some of the most hostile attacks.

Within the Platform Security group the Cyber Security Software engineering team works with others across the community, identifying and correcting weaknesses in existing products and ensuring new products are secure by design. This team primarily works at the Operating System level, enhancing the security of the platform to defend against the unique threats we face. We provide practical guidance and tools to help defend our products and the platforms they operate on.

The Platform Security group is multidisciplinary and able to understand, analyse and advise on security issues across a huge range of platforms and technologies; including embedded systems, mobile, desktop and large scale server systems.

We aim to ensure that all products produced at HMGCC are protected from the cyber threats of the modern World; through sound design and securing engineering practice, monitoring and analysis of threats.

Mobile Development

With growth in smart phones and tablets replacing laptops in a range of business scenarios, there is an increasing demand for both mobile versions of traditional systems and systems which leverage the unique capabilities of modern mobile devices.

This team is responsible for working with other groups across the community to re-imagine exisiting product requirements onto mobile devices. They develop a wide range of products from bespoke secure communication systems, to applications which control hardware.

Whether it's using geographical information to augment trust, inventing innovative user authentication schemes, finding new ways to display and fuse information or just designing a brilliant user experience, this team is at the forefront of making our customers lives easier.

Product evaluation, adoption and deployment

This lab delivers the products to our clients. Product evaluation and adoption are just part of the handover process for developments. This team also handles in-service support. They make sure the products remain secure and meet our high-availability requirements throughout their lifetimes.

Software test

We are a virtual team of test analysts located within the development labs to identify and define the test approach, monitor the results and evaluate the overall quality produced. This team has the flexibility to either touch on a wide range of projects/systems, or gain specialist knowledge of a particular field. In either case, you'll need to have an enquiring mind, and a knack for breaking things.

Supporting Capabilities

Workers at desks in a lab

From making sure key projects run smoothly, to ensuring the highest-quality standards prevail, our supporting capabilities team plays a vital role.

The business management team oversees the entire portfolio of projects using the latest enterprise project management and portfolio management tool set.

The specialist support team provides expertise in a range of technologies including EMC, making use of recently upgraded state-of-the-art facilities.

Our quality assurance section has wide-ranging responsibility across the entire organisation and ensures compliance with IS09001 and IS027001. Meanwhile, our trials and evaluation department assesses the latest technologies and equipment - independently validating everything that's developed and produced on site.

Systems Engineering

Experienced System Engineer


At HMGCC, we believe that conscious and pragmatic systems engineering will deliver the overall project objectives by assuring that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our experienced systems engineering team collaborate across government organisations and industry to champion best practice and raise professional standards.  Whatever the application area, the ultimate aim is to leverage value for our customers by combining our broad capability with a consistent 'excellent' approach to systems engineering.

Power Sources Centre

power parts

The Power Sources Centre (PSC) remit is to co-ordinate the research and development necessary to provide a wide range of practical deployable power sources to meet our customer's requirements.

Applied Research

This includes horizon scanning, looking at novel and emerging power sources and power harvesting techniques such as thermoelectric, vibration, kinetic and solar energies as well as new cell/battery chemistries.

New Product Development

The PSC will build and test bespoke power sources tailored to specific customer requirements, including safety features and charging solutions where necessary. It also supports the development of intelligent battery management boards and cell balancing features. The PSC has a close working relationship with dedicated defence suppliers and others in industry and academia.

Product Testing & Verification

The PSC rigorously tests all products to ensure they perform to the specifications stated by the manufacturer. Using its automated battery test systems, the PSC can simulate a variety of charging and discharge scenarios in order to evaluate products under conditions that are as close to real operational conditions as possible. It can also evaluate new and emerging technology, alongside existing technology, in order to be able to provide the most appropriate power sources for specific applications.

Technical Advice

The PSC provides independent authoritative advice on both performance and safety of deployed products. It has an in-depth knowledge of product safety management processes and has qualified Dangerous Goods Shippers who have an extensive knowledge of the applicable regulations. It maintains a database of commercial products and components and has links with government, academia and industry as well as international liaison. There are also relationships with a range of commercial suppliers.

Supply & Disposal

To ensure our customers have full confidence in our products, the PSC performs acceptance tests on all primary cells batches and carries out programmed cycle tests on rechargeable cells. It procures, stocks, releases and ultimately disposes of batteries of all chemistries.

Project Management

Graduate Project Manager

Experienced Project Manager

Our Project Management team is at the heart of HMGCC's success, bridging the gap between our customers and the huge wealth of technical talent we have. The team works across the whole lifecycle, from initial concept to in-service support, using their leadership and experience to plan, monitor and control the delivery of a diverse range of projects. Every Project Manager takes personal responsibility for ensuring that their project produces high-quality deliverables, to a defined schedule and budget.

Well-honed communication skills and familiarity with an engineering environment enable the team to be our single integrative point of responsibility for delivery. Increasingly, the team is also working with public and private sector partners to meet some of our most challenging requirements. This requires additional competencies such as contract management and remote team working.

Our preferred delivery methodology has been developed and refined in-house, but we are also open to other approaches such as Agile. HMGCC is aligned with the UK APM (Association for Project Management) competency framework. We enthusiastically support APM certification at all levels. In addition there are a number of clearly defined career paths that you can follow here as a Project Manager.