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From the most seasoned technical professionals through to the most inquisitive of students, it takes people of all levels to do the work we do. So whether you're just starting your career or have years of building, testing, managing and creating one-offs, there's a place for you. In fact, you don't even need to be a technological expert to realise the future. So explore below to find out where you fit in.

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Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Our Software teams deliver a huge range of products, from enterprise-class server systems, to custom mobile applications and everything in between. The nature of the work means the projects here are different to anything else you’ll find – with highly complex problems to solve and unique solutions to create.


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There’s an incredible variety to the projects at HMGCC. Because we create one-offs and low volume runs, there’s always a new challenge to test your skills and keep your mind fresh and our state of the art facility is the perfect place to hone your expertise.

Our facility is capable of:

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Precision Water Jet Cutting
  • Spark Erosion
  • 5 Axis Machining
  • Paint Shop
  • Precision Colour Matching and Paint Mixing
  • 3D Scan and Render
  • Additive Manufacture
  • PCB Fabrication
  • Optical Inspection
  • Automated Continuity Testing
  • Automated Component Selection
  • Automated Component Placement
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • ATE Testing
  • Complex Sub Assembly
  • Final Assembly


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Corporate & Support

Corporate & Support

You don’t have to be a technical specialist to play a vital part in HMGCC’s work. Our Project teams can only bring their ideas to fruition with the right structure, resources and support in place. Your expertise in IT, Finance, HR, Administration, or as part of our vital Service Operations Centre, will be highly valued and genuinely important to our success.


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Project and Programme Management

Project and Programme Management

When you create one-offs that realise the future, you need one-off project and programme management to help bring everything to life. Your knowledge and understanding of planning, monitoring and delivery will see you involved at every beat of a product’s lifecycle. Without you, some of the most exciting innovations wouldn’t get anywhere near the light of day.


Systems Engineering image
Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

At HMGCC, our Systems Engineers are the champions of best practice, raising the standards by closely collaborating with both Government and industry. With a considered, conscious and pragmatic approach to engineering, you’ll deliver one-off projects, making sure that they’re greater than the sum of their parts. Ultimately, it’s about getting the best value for our customers by combining your vast expertise with a consistent pursuit for excellence.


Hardware Engineering image
Hardware Engineering

Hardware Engineering

With a mixture of engineering and academic backgrounds, our Hardware teams design and deliver a whole spectrum of technology, ranging from satellite communications to 8-bit and 32-bit systems. Sometimes, we do this by using what’s out there in the market whilst at other times we make our own custom and innovative hardware solutions. Either way, our Electronics and Embedded Engineers are always looking at how we can push technology to its limits.



It’s fast-paced, challenging and yours to make your own. For graduates, our unique environment offers the chance to make an immediate and ongoing contribution to the entire development lifecycle of products, systems and solutions that are vital to the nation’s security.

Your progression will be down to you. Whether you want to work your way into leadership or become an expert in your field, we’ll provide all the support and opportunities you need to go far.

Training is not confined to work experience alone, far from it. Through Continuing Professional Development, our goal is to make sure that all of our people, both newly qualified graduates and highly experienced professionals, achieve - and continue to achieve - their full potential.

Plus if you discover a training course, career pathway in another HMGCC area, or a professional membership you want to obtain, we can certainly support that too.


Landing Zone

There’s plenty of scope for Engineering graduates to make an impact at HMGCC. So much so that we’ve designed the Landing Zone for you to find your feet and work out the best place for you.

The Landing Zone will see you spend up to three months working on real projects while we work out which of our teams is a natural fit for you. You’ll be trained up on our style of Engineering and get experience of our domains and toolsets, and then together we'll work out where you’ll begin your exciting career.

Graduate benefits

Graduates get all of the fantastic benefits that everybody at HMGCC receives, including:

  • Competitive starting salary – see the advertised job descriptions for the current rates
  • Robust progression system
  • Mentoring and buddy support
  • Working on real life projects right from the start
  • Online training and eLibrary access
  • Chartership/accreditation route for professional membership - BCS, IET, APM


Turn your curiosity into a reality.

You may not have heard of the work we do, but behind the closed doors of our hi-tech facilities, some of the world’s most inventive experts are crafting, designing, and creating exciting one-off products to solve unique and interesting problems. With our fully funded government apprenticeship opportunities, we can help you push technology to its limits, and turn your curiosity into a reality.

Have you got what it takes?

Are you naturally curious about technology? Do you delve into the heart of gadgets, pursuing what’s possible while constantly asking ‘what if?’ at every corner? If this has led to a fascination of how tech works, and an interest in designing, or making repairs to appliances, then our apprenticeship is the right one for you.

To earn a place as an HMGCC apprentice, you'll need to meet our entry requirements, have bags of enthusiasm and a genuine interest in technology and engineering.

We will be offering the following apprenticeship programmes for 2017: 

  • Mechanical Manufacturing: 3 years, Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Electronics: 3 years, Advanced Apprenticeship
  • Software Testing: 3 years, Higher Apprenticeship

These are fully funded government apprenticeships, with levels depending on the programme. We also include a HNC or HND (depending on your own experience), which we cover all tuition fees for. So, when you add it all together, you’ll end up with a HNC or HND qualification on top of a nationally recognised apprenticeship.

Our 2017 Apprenticeships

What you’ll learn

As an apprentice, you’ll join a world-class team at HMGCC. We want to hear what you’re thinking and we’ll show you how the work we do is beyond anything you’ve seen or heard of before. It’s what keeps our Government communications secure.

In your first year, you’ll attend college, working to increase your technical knowledge. In your second and third years, you’ll be in mentored work placements, based in our high-tech facilities in Milton Keynes. And you’ll have a day release to college each week to complete your apprenticeship qualification.

Your apprenticeship includes:

  • Training to create one-off, cutting edge products
  • Learning from the most inventive experts around
  • Working in an impressive, hi-tech facility
  • Being part of a well-supported team, with other apprentices.

Why you should choose an apprenticeship with us?

  • We’ll cover all your additional tuition fees
  • You’ll receive a starting salary in excess of £15,000
  • And you’ll also get the same brilliant benefits that everyone who works here does, which includes gym access, bikes for work and a balcony cafe. Look through our benefits to find out more.

Frequently asked questions

How old must I be to apply?

To apply for one of our 2017 apprenticeships, you must be 18 years old on or before 13 March 2017. There is no upper age limit.

Have you got any advice for completing my application form?

We recommend you:

  • Look at the ‘Technical Skills’ criteria for the position and answer all the questions in full
  • Tailor your C.V. to show us how your skills match our job description
  • Tell us about why you want to work at HMGCC and why you’re interested in the role
  • Tell us about anything you do in relation to engineering at home/work/college. Do you build or fix computers? Have you got an interest in making things?
  • Don’t be afraid to sell yourself and shout about your skills.
What qualifications or personal attributes do I need to join the apprenticeship scheme?

Qualifications will depend on which apprenticeship you apply for. You can find the details in the job description.

But you will be the type of person who:

  • Enjoys working in a team and treats everyone with respect in order to achieve your goals
  • Likes to plan ahead and see tasks through from start to finish
  • Enjoys coming up with creative solutions to problems
  • Is excited by a challenge and pays attention to detail
  • Has good communication skills and has the confidence to ask questions
  • Enjoys sharing your knowledge and experiences with colleagues and other apprentices
  • Takes pride in doing your best, even in a challenging situation
  • Has a real desire to learn and improve your knowledge and skills.

Qualification equivalents:

  • A Level 2 qualification is equivalent to GCSE grade A*-C level
  • A Level 3 qualification is equivalent to A Level
  • A Level 4 qualification is equivalent to BTEC Professional Diploma level
  • A Level 5 qualification is equivalent to HND or foundation degree level
  • A Level 6 qualification is equivalent to Bachelor’s Degree level.
I’ve submitted an application. What happens next?

Your application will be sifted against our essential entry criteria and if it’s chosen, we’ll invite you to attend an initial aptitude test (and colour blind test for some roles). Throughout the process, you’ll be asked to attend a group assessment, technical interview, and occupational psychologist interview.

If you’re successful, you’ll be invited to attend an open day. You’ll have to go through our security vetting, as the work we do with the Government is confidential. If you pass, you’ll be invited back to sign your contract of employment and attend an apprentice induction that takes place just before starting college in the September.

Will HMGCC help me to gain additional qualifications?

Support for additional qualifications is available along as they meet our business requirements, as well as your development needs.

When can I apply?

We are not currently recruiting for Apprentices. We anticipate the next campaign will launch in Autumn 2017

Can I apply for more than one apprentice place?

No. You can only make one application, so please select the apprenticeship most suited to you. But don’t worry, if we think you’d be more suited to a different area, we’ll chat about that with you at interview.

What if I want to retrain?

You can still apply, as long as your degree is in a different area to the Apprenticeship that you are applying for. Please get in contact with us to discuss whether you’re eligible.

What happens when I finish my apprenticeship?

At the end of the scheme, you’ll continue to build on your career at HMGCC while continuing to develop your skills. The opportunities here are boundless if you have the potential and the ambition.

Any more questions?

If you have any further questions about our apprenticeship schemes or your apprenticeship application, please email and someone will get back to you with the answers.