Technology & Research


Ensuring we're always at the forefront of new developments in technology is vital here at HMGCC. We have to keep one step ahead to help protect the security and prosperity of the UK. From the latest widget being released onto the market, to the newest theory being formulated in academia, we need to know about it.

Research is part of every technology role

That's why we make sure all our people have time to undertake research activities alongside their project work. Activities range from horizon scanning and applied research to prototype development and product evaluation. We also have budgets set aside for buying in gadgets for evaluation. What's more, we make sure people have opportunities to get involved in important national and international seminars or conferences 

Dedicated research projects

We also perform horizon scanning in a more structured way in key areas such as networking technologies, wireless and mobile communications and platforms and software. A handful of dedicated technologists are responsible for following research on these topics and communicating their findings. This is particularly important where a new idea or product could either enhance - or disrupt - one of our clients' technological capabilities. To capture and communicate the best of this research, we also produce a quarterly technology newsletter called 'Futures'.

Sponsoring approach

We sponsor students at leading UK universities to help drive innovative research in the field of technology. (Some of these are CASE studentships co-sponsored via a Knowledge Transfer Network.)  


Technologist & Software Engineer