Who we are

We're HMGCC, Her Majesty's Government Communications Centre. We design and deliver communication systems and provide technical solutions that protect national security at home and overseas, now and for the future.

Ours is a world of pioneering products, custom one-offs and very special builds - where ideas and ingenuity are helping protect the UK and its interests in this ever-evolving digital age. Our teams create high-tech products featuring design and engineering of incredible complexity. But while our products can be tiny in size, their importance to the security of the country is immense.

Across the site there are a number of labs and teams comprising of professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, forming a melting pot of ideas where innovation is the main objective. Our customers are various Government bodies and we're growing fast thanks to their increasing demand for our services, so we now need more future-focused people on board.

Research and technology

How do you solve the unsolvable? That's a question we often ask at the start of a project. The answer demands the relentless pursuit of 'the next best thing'. From the latest widget being released onto the market to the newest theory being formulated in academia, we need to know everything about it to utilise future products and knowledge to the best of our ability, and we need to know now.

The bigger picture

We can hand-craft single units as easily as we can ship out a hundred units. What makes us unique is that we work across the whole project life-cycle; providing our customers with solutions, developing ideas, producing electronics, software, firmware and drivers that push the limits of innovation.

We have an independent test team onsite, who will ruthlessly trial products to ensure that they’re not only compliant and safe to use, but actually do the amazing feats they’ve been designed to do.

These tests can cover almost any scenario that you can imagine, starting from ‘simple’ software testing to simulating a lightning strike on a server rack!

Research is vital

That's why we make sure our people have time to undertake research activities alongside their project work. Activities range from horizon scanning and applied research, to prototype development and product assessment. We also have budgets set aside for buying in gadgets for evaluation. What's more, we also make sure people have opportunities to get involved in important national and international seminars or conferences.