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Work Life Balance Transcript

So, I started at HMGCC as a Graduate Software Engineer, and I’ll never forget my first project. I worked on an integral network flow controller, only I did something wrong and brought down the entire network overnight! That’s when I realised every task is real, and everyone’s important here. Luckily enough the team were able to support me and we worked together and got the system up and running again. Sorted it!

After two years, I was fortunate enough to be involved in one of the biggest projects that HMGCC had ever worked on. Fast forward another two years and I dipped my toe into management and started to run the 3rd Line Product Support team, who were responsible for providing updates and enhancements to our systems that are working live.

From there, I took over running the whole 24/7 Product Support team. Here I spent my time working very closely with customers to prioritise work, as well as scoping out the future of our products.

Now in my eighth year at HMGCC, I’ve stepped out of the engineering world and into recruitment! It’s a very different skill set, but just as challenging and enjoyable. It really is!

You have a lot of control over your career path here at HMGCC, if you want to move around and try out new things – anything’s possible.

Now, the next big change in my life will be the arrival of my first child. My wife and I are going to be taking advantage of Shared Parental Leave, so I’ll be out of the office for a couple of months while she returns to work. It’s great that these opportunities are available. Achieving the perfect work-life balance is top of everyone’s agenda.